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Are you looking to buy a cedar hedge? Cedar hedges are an affordable way to create a privacy barrier, and is less expensive then a fence. A hedge is created by planting Eastern White Cedar Trees close together.


Cedars are a hearty tree that can grow almost anywhere. We can help determine the best placement for you. Spacing depends on the area, size of trees and desired type of hedge or barrier.

Regular watering is required for the first year. When trees reach the desired height, simply trim the top inch off to create the perfect hedge. 


Generally you want the trees when planted to just be touching, as cedars are one of the fastest growing trees. The taller a tree gets the wider it will get as well.


O'Hagan Trees can install your cedar hedge for you! Planting cost is dependent on area, materials needed, location and size of trees required. Click here to see our base pricing on cedar trees. Please contact for volume discounts.

Cedar hedge along cottage

Create separation between cottages!

cedar hedge

Put hedge along existing fence!

planting cedar hedge

Create privacy between houses!

cedar hedge

Create privacy from your neighbors

Cedar hedge along driveway

Makes for an aesthetic driveway!

cedar hedge by lake

Have a cedar 'fence' for your property!

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